Corporate Profile

Librod started out as a trading company in 1994 under the name Librod Chemical Ventures. In 1997 the company was formally incorporated as Librod Chemical Limited.

The Company’s main focus then was primarily in the Procurement and Supply of both chemical and raw materials used by plastics manufacturing companies during their production operations.

In 1999, Librod commenced the provision of services to the Oil and Gas Industry. The service was majorly focused on the supply of commodity chemicals for drilling and all production related operation.

In 2010, Librod added the rental and sales of Cargo carrying Units otherwise called CCU that are designed built and certified to DNV 2.7. 1 standard .These units are used for the transportation and storage of productsand equipment at Oilfield location.

In 2012, Librod took a strategic decision to evolve into the provision of a full-fledged multi-disciplinary Oilfield services. This decision ultimately resulted in the need to change the name from Librod chemicals Limited to Librod Energy services as it is now known today.

This is not without efforts made earlier to change from Librod Chemical Limited to Lbenerg Limited and afterwards LBnerg Limited and ultimately to what is known today as Librod Energy Services Limited.

The reasons were largely due to our efforts to find a suitable brand name.

The consequence of the above decision also resulted in the two services listed above evolving into the creation of three broad divisions namely;
A. Oilfield Solutions Business Unit.
B. Engineering Services Business Unit.
C. Offshore Support Services Business Unit.

Our services.

A. Oilfield Solutions Business Unit.

The strategic decision to offer a varied range of Oilfield Services Informed the setting up of the Oilfield Solutions Business Unit.
These services which are usually provided during Drilling, Completions, Production and Intervention Operation are further categorized into the following Product Lines namely;
i. Drilling Fluids Services (DFS).
ii. Completions, Production Systems (CPS).
iii. Engineered Chemistry (ECH).

I. Drilling Fluids Services:
As the West Africa Regional Representative of Lubrizol -a US based company that provides the required technical support, Librod strategy is to both support the varied Oilfield Fluids service companies and offer fully fledged Engineered Fluids Services to E&P companies during Drilling operations.
II. Completion, Production and Intervention:
As the local partners of Weatherford International, Librod is in a position to offer a complete range of Completions & Production Systems.

III. Engineered Chemistry:
As the Country Representative of Lubrizol who are providing the required technical support, Librod provides support to Oilfield Services Companies involved in both Well Services, Production Chemical Operations and E&P companies carrying out chemical treatment of their crude oil and gas.
Our strategy for providing the above services listed in the Oilfield Solutions Business Unit remains our determination to continue to identify, procure and deploy unique technologies in an efficient, cost saving manner with necessary risk mitigation.


B. Engineering Services (Business Unit).

Working with globally renowned services provider with the required expertise and experience in their field of expertise, Librod is able to offer respectively the following services;
i. Engineering, Procurement installation & Commissioning (EPC).
ii. Operations & Maintenance (O&M).
One of the major services offered which is applicable to both EPC and OML is the Commissioning and Decommissioning services.


C. Offshore Support Service Business Unit.

The need to provide a fully integrated logistic support to both the Oilfield Services companies and E&P companies during Drilling, Completions, Production and Intervention operations informed the decision to have an OSS Division.

As the West Africa Regional Representative of OEG offshore, the strategic partnership allows us to provide world class engineered logistics solution to our esteemed customers’ needs.

Among the ranges of services provided include;

  • Rental and Sales of Equipment.
  • Transportation & Marine Related Services.
  • Warehousing.
  • Logistics Management.