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Well Performance Chemicals

Well Intervention | Reservoir Stimulation Librod Gas lifting method is a Well Stimulation technique used to get the flow started / repair a well that has been killed. This technique typically involves the circulation of nitrogen or other substances.

Our Well Intervention personnel supplies most of the chemicals often used to pump down the bore to dissolve blockages at perforations and pores in the near-wellbore areas. Chemicals such as:

Hydrochloric Acids (Highly used for fracturing & Matrix acidizing in carbonate reservoirs)
Acetic Acid (Less used in carbonate stimulations)
We also supply other chemicals used during well services such as: Methanol and Glycols (Tri ethylene Glycol (TEG), Mono ethylene Glycol (MEG), and Diethylene Glycol (DEG) and Butyl Glycol). Other chemicals we supply include:

Stimulation Additives
Cementing Additives
Commodity Chemicals