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We are a team driven with the passion to provide excellent service delivery to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Engineering Drilling and Intervention Services

With our State of the Art Mud Plant Our experience cuts across Land, Swamp & Offshore areas.

Drilling and Completions Fluids

We offer a wide range of Operations & Maintenance Services to support existing Offshore & Onshore Production Facilities.

Production Chemistry Technology

Librod is in a position to provide commodity and specialty chemicals as well as technical support.

Logistics Support Services

We provide DNV 2.71rated Offshore Containers, Baskets, Tanks, mudskips, etc in collaboration with OEG Offshore.


Our Sustainability Policies

“Librod's innovative engineering solutions have elevated sustainability standards, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technologies with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Their contribution to green projects ensures a brighter, eco-friendly future.”

Osita Osaji

GM, Business Development Librod

“In drilling, Librod stands out for its sustainable practices, optimizing resource extraction while minimizing ecological impact. Their commitment to responsible drilling techniques sets a high standard for environmental preservation.”

Efeoghene Arigbodi

Business Dev. & Services Director, Librod

“Librod leads the way in sustainable logistics solutions, combining operational efficiency with a reduced carbon footprint. Their strategic approach to transportation reflects a smart business strategy aligned with the growing eco-conscious market. ”

Ese Arigbodi

Country Manager, Librod


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